Background and approach

We are an Anthropology Consulting boutique based in Bucharest, and founded in January 2014 by Alexandru Dincovici, a sociologist and anthropologist (Ph.D) and Alexandra Dincovici, a Psychologist (MA), Psychotherapist and Coach. 

Although our methods are grounded in Anthropology, we use a well-balanced approach stemming from the social sciences to solve various business, people and development issues. 

We work with entrepreneurs, large businesses, NGOs and the occasional public sector on various types of projects in diverse industries. 

No matter what your brief says, our approach involves acting upon one or more of the following dimensions of your business/organization:

  • structure
  • culture
  • climate
  • procedures
  • people
  • marketing
  • communication
  • services



Alexandra Dincovici

Organizational Psychologist (MA), Coach and Psychotherapist

Alexandru Dincovici

Anthropologist (Ph.D), with a background in Sociology and Political Science

We also have a dedicated service for agile qualitative research is a service built in partnership with IQAds and SMARK that takes care of all your qualitative research needs in a transparent way.