Anthropology ConsultingBoutique

We help organizations perform better by shifting their worldviews. 

Some call it research. Others name it design thinking. To us, it’s simply common sense.

We help organizations thrive through


Developing better products

Everybody wants to innovate these days, and you need to do it as well if you want to survive. We're here to facilitate the process. 


Creating better teams

We can help you recruit, coach, assess and build your company from scratch. 


Adapting to change

The world is changing at a rapid pace. If you're stuck in your own market or industry, you might miss what's happening right around you. Let us decode the world you operate in and improve your decision making. 


Stabilizing their structure

We deal with culture, climate and structure. Our tools, stemming from academic research, can help your organization reach its best and most efficient form. 


Reaching stakeholders

Wether you need strategic communication or public affairs, we know how to get your message out there and make it matter. 


Understanding customers

At our very core, we're researchers who thrive on understanding. As such, we're able to get you in sync with your customers. 


Our vision

Change takes time and so do we

We prefer partnerships and longer timeframes to short and quick interventions, but we can do both. 

What we do best is observe and talk to people. In order to achieve great results, we use our social science background and business experience. 

We're also great at strategy, research, public affairs, communication, coaching and people management. 

Our Clients