Consumer and employee insights

What we do

Find and develop actionable insights and connect you with your consumers and employees
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Quantitative research

Surveys. Face to face or CATI. National coverage. We can also help you with survey design, analysis, and integration within your own business structure.

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Qualitative research

Focus groups and in depth interviews for focused interaction. Ethnography, if you’re brave enough to go directly to your customer.

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Online research

Netnographies and content analysis.

Go to Organizational climate analysis

Organizational climate analysis

Do you want to learn what really happens within your business? We can identify the current state of your firm, and guide you towards optimization, stable, happy and performant employees.

Go to Corporate ethnography

Corporate ethnography

We go everywhere we are needed. If you want to make a positive change inside your organization or if you want to really get in touch with your target and design products with a real appeal, we can become your ethnographers. Say goodbye to focus groups and hello to the most serious research there is.

Go to Embedded research

Embedded research

Seamless research, internalized and integrated within your organization and workflows.

Go to Online communities

Online communities

We are able to create meaningful communities and to gain deep consumer insights. Whether you are looking to understand your direct consumers, to test an ad, a product or to generate ideas, this is the way to go.

Go to Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Our mystery shopping studies are always authentic and deeply insightful. We never stick to the quantitative, applying instead a unique methodology that also delivers unique qualitative and actionable insights.

Go to Culture diagnostic and assessment

Culture diagnostic and assessment

Do you want to know what is going on with your employees? What are the key cultural traits of your company? How well they perform, how they value your benefits, who are the informal leaders in the organization? We can help you find out.

About us

When psychology and anthropology meet, anything can happen!
We get to know you, your employees and/or your consumers

We're all social scientists (or academics) and business people. We have the tools to uncover the root causes of any behavior or pattern, whether it's about consumption, interaction or processes, and the know how to make that knowledge useful and enhance your business.

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